Q. Who Uses vigilant trails?

A. Over 50,000 customers across 5 continents and from every state in the nation. From the casual weekend hiker to the deployed soldier, we've outfitted them all.

Q. why do they trust vigilant trails?

A. Because Vigilant Trails is one of the only "pure play" survival focused companies in existence. We built a premiere survival brand based directly from our experiences operating in the field. Our products are developed in the outdoors, not the board room. 

Q. i've never heard of vigilant trails, are you new?

A. No, we've been in continuous operation since 2013. We are always refining and perfecting current products while bringing new and innovative products to the market. We spend heavily in R&D vs Marketing.

Q. Where can i buy vigilant trails products?

A. Outside of this website, Amazon and eBay are both authorized to carry our products. Numerous SHTF subscription services offer our products as do specialized and regional sporting good companies. 

Q. are there wholesale and / or white label opportunities with vigilant trails?

A. Yes, we operate both a wholesale and a white label program. Please contact us for more details.