Vigilant Trails® Survival-Pocket Sharpening Kit

Vigilant Trails® Survival-Pocket Sharpening Kit


A Dull Blade Is A Dangerous Blade | Carrying Heavy Sharpening Stones In The Field Isn't Practical

  • All The Essentials For Blade Maintenance | Emergency Knife and MOLLE Carrying Case Included

  • Will fit into a shirt pocket | Compact, Portable and Lightweight (5oz)

  • Includes: Vigilant Trails Honing Oil and Choji Oil (a traditional Japanese blade preserving compound used in the maintenance of high quality blades (contains clove oil extract and mineral oil)

  • Vigilant Trails, Be Prepared | Stay Prepared. “Survival” isn’t just a buzz word to us, it’s our business. Providing rugged, compact and comprehensive outdoor survival solutions since 2013.

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