Vigilant Trails® Survival Sewing Kit

Vigilant Trails® Survival Sewing Kit


Gear will fail in the field, be prepared when it does.

  • The only survival sewing kit offering field tested, quality components and unique to Vigilant Trails

  • Use to repair: tents, tarps, leather, canvas, cotton, seats, coats, shoes, sails, bags, packs, etc.

  • Companion to the Best Selling, Vigilant Trails Pocket Fishing Kit and Vigilant Trails Pocket Snares

  • The Vigilant Trails Survival Sewing Kit is hands down the most comprehensive and complete survival sewing kit on the market today. All contents manufactured by and unique to Vigilant Trails. No other manufacturer can make that claim. Use it to repair canvas, cotton, leather, tents, tarps, shoes, packs, bags, seats, sails, etc. All components have been thoroughly field tested and passed a rigorous quality control process. Contents: 1 – Metal container, 1 – All purpose metal awl 1 – Metal thimble, 1 – Heavy duty, water proof, adhesive patch (3”X4”), 2 – Heavy duty zip ties, 3 – Pre-spooled thread (Black x2, White x1), 2 – Black buttons, 4 - White buttons (large and small), 2 – Tan buttons, 2 – Curved needles (large and small), 4 – Straight needles (various sizes), 7 – Safety pins

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