Vigilant Trails® MG12 Fire Starter | Type-1

Vigilant Trails® MG12 Fire Starter | Type-1


The Ability To Quickly and Efficiently Start A Fire In A Survival Situation Is Critical

  • Put In Your Pack What The Experts Put In Theirs | Will Start A Fire In The Harshest Of Conditions

  • Low Weight, Low Bulk, Easy To Carry | High Grade Magnesium | Field Tested

  • Part Of the Award Winning Line Of Survival Products Exclusively Manufactured By Vigilant Trails

  • Don't Spend Your Hard Earned Money On Cheaply Made Imitations | Vigilant Trails Is The Brand You Can Trust | Vigilant Trails, Be Prepared | Stay Prepared. “Survival” isn’t just a buzz word to us, it’s our business. Providing rugged, compact and comprehensive outdoor survival solutions since 2013

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