Vigilant Trails® Survival Hatchet, Hand Saw, Diamond Sharpener and Micro-Fire Kit

Vigilant Trails® Survival Hatchet, Hand Saw, Diamond Sharpener and Micro-Fire Kit


Includes: 14" Stainless Steel, Hardwood Handle Hatchet, Bi-Directional Cutting High Visibility Hand Saw, Diamond Folding Sharpener and Micro-Fire Kit

  • Survival Hatchet Wrapped with 13' High Visibility Para Cord with Easy Access Compass - Exclusively Offered By Vigilant Trails

  • High Visibility, Folding Double Sided Diamond Sharpener - Field Tested On The Pacific Coast Trail

  • Vigilant Trails Micro-Fire Kit Included - Exclusive to Vigilant Trails

  • Portable, Compete and Essential. The ability to cut and chop is one of the foundations of outdoor survival. No professional will venture into the wilderness without this ability. Vigilant Trails offers you a complete friction cutting solution that includes a hard wood handled, stainless steel hatchet and emergency bi-directional, high visibility hand saw. We paired this with our exclusive micro-fire kit and the means to re-sharpen when / if your equipment is too dull to be functional and safe. Vigilant Trails is one of the most trusted names in Camping, Backpacking and Outdoor Survival, servicing over 30,000 happy clients, including .Mil, State Dept. and Professional Trekkers world-wide. Contents: 1 – VIGILANT TRAILS Survival Hatchet, stainless steel head, hardwood handle, 13 feet of high visibility paracord and easy access liquid dampened compass 1 - Vigilant Trails Emergency High Visibility, Bi-Directional Cutting Hand Saw, 1 - High Visibility, Folding, Double-sided Diamond Sharpener, 1 - Micro-Fire Kit includes Ferro Rod, Cotton Tinder Wads and Tinder Fire Tabs

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