Vigilant Trails® Survival Tinder Pack | Type-1

Vigilant Trails® Survival Tinder Pack | Type-1


Bulk Refill Pack For The Vigilant Trails Survival Fire Kit - Stage 2 | Use Only What The Situation Calls For | Exclusively and Only Offered By The Outdoor Survival Experts At Vigilant Trails

  • Tinder Shots: 1-2 Min Burn Time, Tinder Wads: 1-1.5 Min Burn Time, Waxed Jute Fire Starter: 4-5 Min Burn Time | Char Cloth Will Ignite With The Smallest Of Sparks

  • Water Tight Thick Plastic Zip Pouch | Easy To Carry, Low Weight and Low Bulk | Fire Is A Survival Necessity And It All Starts With Using The Proper Tinder

  • 20 Tinder Wads | 20 Tinder Shots | 12" Roll Char Cloth | 4 Water Resistant Waxed Jute Fire Starters | Plenty Of Tinder For Even The Longest Of Treks

  • Vigilant Trails, Be Prepared | Stay Prepared. “Survival” isn’t just a buzz word to us, it’s our business. Providing rugged, compact and comprehensive outdoor survival solutions since 2013.

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